About Freerange Freelance

This is a blog written by Bristol, UK based freelance web developer Rick Hurst, about my experiences working on the move. Started as a travel blog in 2010 (under the name “Rick on the Road”), it contains insights into working on the road, equipment, tools, camping, camper vans, experiences and places.

For a while the site went under the name “Campervan Things” and I do talk about camper vans a fair amount! I decided to rename it to “Freerange Freelance” to better describe the content, as it’s not (just) about campervans.

T25 mobile office

About Me

I work as a contract/ freelance web developer. Working always from a laptop, usually in my shed office, often in cafes and shared studio space, and sometimes from my car, camper or tent on camping trips. I live (in a house!) in the lovely city of Bristol, UK, with my beautiful wife and son.

About the camper vans (and cars)

My first camper van was a minimal self-build on a VW T25 (also known across Europe as a T3 and in the US as a Vanagon) panel van. I had some great adventures in it, including a 6 month trip wild camping around Spain, back in 1997.

My old T25 panel van wild camping in spain

That van needed a new engine by the time I got back to the UK, so regretfully it was sold on. In the “inbetween years” I became a freelance web developer and experimented with nomadic working, spending the summer working as a freelance web developer, while travelling France with my wife and son in our 1998 new beetle, a set of quechua pop-up tents and a macbook. That’s when this blog was born, originally under the name “Rick on the Road”.

Camping with a new beetle and quechua pop-up tents

Our next camper, Rocky, was also a T25 – a 1983 Devon Moonraker with a golf TDI engine conversion. We used it for numerous camping trips in the UK, a couple of touring holidays in France, and as a mobile office.

Our VW T25 camping in Devon

Then it was back to a tent, carried around in a VW Touran – I considered setting the Touran up as a microcamper, but it wasn’t big enough for a 3-person camper, and in the end, the tent was just fine.

In 2018 we got ourselves a van again – a 2001 VW T4 short-wheelbase. This was already mostly converted to a camper, which we have been adding to.

My old T25 panel van wild camping in spain


Do you live in a campervan?
No! We are more #vancation than #vanlife. Back in 1997, in my early twenties, I did spend six months living in a van, travelling around Spain, mostly wild camping. I still like to spend as much time in a campervan as possible, and often talk about how our campervan is our “second home” – but we live in a house, in Bristol, England.
Do you make money from this blog?
No! Although I like the idea of generating income from blogging, I make a living working as a freelance web developer, building websites and web apps for other people, this blog is just for fun. If the blog did generate some money, I could afford to spend more time blogging.
Will you post my article on your blog?
I get a lot of offers for this, but this is a personal blog, it would be confusing if I were to start posting other people’s content.
Will you post adverts?
I would consider posting relevant ads on a monthly subscription basis. Email me if you’d like to sponsor this blog.
Can you help me fix my campervan?
I doubt it! Owning old VW’s, by necessity, has given me some mechanical skills that I didn’t have before, but i’m still no mechanic!
Do you do product reviews?
If it’s a product that I might actually use, then i’m potentially interested, same goes for campsite/ campervan reviews.